UVSU - The Athlete of Life

October 23, 2018

UVSU is a mindset and committed chosen way of life. Those who choose this way do so for the ideal purpose of a life-long mission to challenge themselves in every way possible. They see themselves as more than just an athlete of sports. They envision themselves as an “Athlete of Life”. They “seek more”, in order to “be more”.

This type of personality knows thay are their “greatest opponent”. Understanding that to compete with others eventually becomes unfulfilling. There is no true victory to be had if you are always measuring up against another, you’re simply playing to the game of outside forces. Instead, play your own inner game with inner force and focus.  

The UVSU athlete is committed to optimizing their life in accordance to the pursuit of personal excellence and self-mastery in all things they do.

Making the decision to remove yourself from the matrix of competing with others, gives you the personal power to take ownership of who you are and who you are not. This alone, gives birth to the very first step in personal performance – The art of taking total responsibility and accountability. This gives you the inner fire to contagiously test yourself against the norm of everyday tasks, commitments, behaviour and sports within any environment at any time. Everything is a challenge. To become better every day in every way.

The personal mission of becoming the best version of you, expands your consciousness and ignites the mind into what could be achieved individually if you choose to look inwards and see the real you as opposed to looking outwards and being distracted by the noise of present-day society, status and ego.

Adopting the UVSU way of life makes you a far greater functioning human being that will ultimately improve your overall individual capabilities which then have a positive influence towards those around you including family, friends and the immediate world.

Anything is possible if you are willing to pursue your potential. Understanding that all you need, is inside you. Your greatest fears, challenges and strengths lay waiting for you if you’re ready to confront them. The time is now.

Become an athlete of life.


Corey Bradley
UVSU Founder 


Men's Sizing Guide

The size charts below are based on current size measurements specific for our particular products. Please note that these size charts are a basic reference and guide only. As every body size and shape is different, we can not recommend sizing for our customers. These size guides have been created for your convenience and to assist you in making the best decision for your size.

We suggest you pick a favourite fitting piece of clothing that is the same make as what you would like to purchase. From there, measure your piece of clothing in alignment with our measuring guide and this will help you decide which is the best size in our range.


We have a very simple way of measuring our garments. 
As per diagram, follow the green measuring lines as a guide.


WIDTH - Measure front of chest from one armpit to the other.
LENGTH - Measure top of neck down to the bottom of garment.
Match your width and length measurements with the numbers on the chart and this will indicate the preferred size and fit for you.